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40 Years of Experience

Mayes Plumbing was founded by Kenny Mayes in 1977. Along with help of his wife Debbie and no borrowed money for start up, they slowly built the company they have today out of their home. By being dependable, good at the work he was doing and giving attention to detail, Kenny built a strong customer base. He started his career in this field through the Navy Reserve job training program after his enlistment. After working with a plumbing company in Charleston, South Carolina, he moved back to Arkansas to start his apprenticeship. He worked for Phillips Plumbing and Fayetteville Plumbing. Along the way, he spent his spare time learning the HVAC trade by volunteering to help HVAC technicians after work and on the weekends. From there, he decided to start his own company specializing in plumbing and heating service work with his doors being opened 24 hours a day. The business steadily grew and more employees were added along with more equipment and facilities. However, as they continue to grow as a company, they strive to remain family oriented, continuing to be the best at what they do. As Kenny and Debbie have slowly backed down from running the business, their son, Nathan, has continued to move the company forward with the help of his sister, Jaymee, and his wife, Kari.

Mission & Vision

Mayes Plumbing and Heating Services goes above and beyond all plumbing and heating service companies on their repairs. They evaluate the problem and make upgrades to the plumbing and heating systems to keep from having problems again in the future. They utilize quality products selected from a large pool of suppliers. We are here to help and will not walk away from any job.

“Our team of talented and highly-trained professionals are poised to ensure that your home, as well as, your commercial buildings are running at peek efficiency.  We specialize in finishing work that others walk away from. We solve problems others cannot.”

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The Mayes staff is composed of talented, highly-trained, experienced professional plumbers and HVAC technicians. They help you decide on options for repairs including re-routing of plumbing if needed, proper sizing of AC equipment and offer professional advice on various plumbing and heating services. They also offer after-service help to clients teaching them how to use their newly installed products and assist with any future problems.

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